Author’s personal collection (2016)

Two international law giants remembered — Judge James Crawford and Prof. Mochtar Kusumaatmadja: a student’s reflection

Prof. Kusumaatmadja once wrote the clear benefit of the archipelagic concept that Indonesia (or any other archipelagic country) would gain, “…with international recognition the land and sea of Nusantara as the physical form of Wawasan Nusantara will no longer experience interference or undermining.” (quoted in Butcher and Elson, 2017, p. 416).

Judge Crawford once eloquently remarked on the relevance of international law, “International Law is a law of coordination addressed to human problems and the human problems we have can’t be solved by individual assertions of sovereignty, that’s absolutely clear. Global warming, the ozone layer, these can’t be solved by the United States alone or by the Russian Federation alone or by China alone. They have to be solved by coordination; that means that the apparatus of coordination, which is part provided by international law, is really essential.” (quoted from his interview with Dingle and Bates, 2018, Q #115)



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